Wet / Dry Spray Booth for Spray Painting

A Wet Spray Booth has been designed to improve finishing to international standards and to meet the ever increasing need to protect our environment. This works on the principal of continuously recycled water running down from the spray booth on a stainless-steel curtain. The over-sprayed paints and lacquers are trapped in the water by a powerful extraction created by the centrifugal fans.

The unique customised feature of this spray booth is the secondary filtering system consisting of water wash nozzles kept in the rear side of the curtain to scrub the air further before sending it through a mist eliminator to remove moisture. The spray booth has enclosures all around and is aided with an air make-up system to balance the exhaust air and pressurize the enclosed space to maintain a dust proof environment.

Dry Spray booth consists of replaceable special paper filters to which paint particles adhere to during the extraction by fans. These paper filters have a high absorption capacity, and can be easily replaced if it reaches maximum capacity or gets choked. This replacement of disposable filters takes only a few minutes, ensuring perpetually healthy and suitable working conditions.

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