Unit Dust Collectors & Silo Vent Filters

Our collectors are compact and mobile (on wheels) with low noise levels making it suitable for a wide range of indoor applications. The filtering capacity is as high as 3 microns with an efficiency of 99%, which is in complete accordance with indoor air quality standards. They are energy efficient, easy to install and can be maintained with online reverse Pulse jet cleaning of filters which ensures high efficiency. Since these systems have cyclonic entry, the bag life is much better and has the capacity to handle high dust loads.


  • Unit is completely factory assembled and ready to use.
  • Low pressure drop / low power consumption
  • Pleated Cartridge / Non-Woven Bags / Envelope bags to suit application
  • Automatic cleaning with reverse pulse system for long filter life.
  • Easy to remove dust bins
  • Easy open access door for bag removal
  • Lowest installation time, portable
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