Pneumatic Conveying System

Pneumatic conveying is a system where solid material is conveyed using air. There are several ways for material injection in system as well as discharge and selected based on the product nature and system requirements.


  • Capacity: up to 30 TPH
  • Conveying distance: up to 100 m Vertical and 250m horizontal
  • Solid of particle size 1 micron to 10mm size
  • Various solids are handled like Abrasive, low density, High density, Hygroscopic, flammable…
  • Closed loop systems based on application
  • Conveying with Inert gas line Nitrogen
  • Backed with experience and data bank of solids.
  • Very flexible for conveying line routing unlike belt conveyors.
  • Totally closed system, so no contamination from atmosphere.
  • Low investment cost

We offer

  • Dilute / Lean Phase System (With pressure or vacuum)
  • Semi Dense Phase System
  • Dense Phase System
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